Engaging with Nature

Water is the centerpiece of our lifestyle.

Outdoor Pursuits

The Influence of Water

Waterways' numerous lakes are beautiful, recreational havens for residents where over 5 miles of lagoons wind through the diverse native habitats of the coastal uplands. The Grand Lagoon provides an ideal setting for a casual afternoon of canoeing or an invigorating workout by kayak. Access to deep water is planned for the avid boating family.

Our Bill Dance Fishing Experience

We’ve partnered with fishing legend and television personality Bill Dance to create an exceptional fishing experience at Waterways. Our lakes are stocked with trophy largemouth bass, so you can experience a premier fishing experience right in your own backyard.

Walking and Biking Paths

At Waterways, all of our neighborhoods are connected not only by the water, but also by our multipurpose paths which are perfect for bikers and pedestrians alike. Residents enjoy walking the dog after dinner and morning bike rides with neighbors.

Georgia’s Barrier Islands

Nestled along the Atlantic coast, Georgia’s barrier islands are among the most pristine tracts of land found anywhere in the United States. Ossabaw and Wassaw, barrier islands that lie between the Waterways community and the Atlantic Ocean, remain as unspoiled as they did thousands of years ago as approximately two-thirds of their properties are designated heritage preserves, parks, research reserves and wildlife refuges. Visits to Ossabaw and Wassaw are not soon forgotten.

Community Gardens

For healthy living, Waterways offers residents the opportunity to grow fresh vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Located in Ridgewood Central Park, the community garden provides 24 plots for resident use. Our Garden Club provides an opportunity for learning and friendship.

Hawk Island Nature Preserve

Upon discovery of an undisturbed habitat used by birds for nesting and roosting, this area was set aside as a permanent green space. It remains in its natural state today for the long-term benefit of our winged friends as well as the enjoyment of resident bird watchers.

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